Presentation Skills … a la Chuck by Willy-Peter Schaub

I have done lots of presentation skills sessions and with MSDN cleaning up old blogs I didn’t want to lose my dear friend’s (Willy-Peter Schaub) write up and kind words.  Reprinting with his permission


Charles, alias ChuckClipart Illustration of a White Character Pointing While Standing Behind A Podium And Giving A Speech, who works with us in the DevX Customer and Project Management team, is hosting internal, interactive, informal, invaluable and fun presentation skills sessions. Chuck and his sessions are truly amazing and therefore you should make a point of attending them when available … I, for one, cannot wait for the next session and strongly believe that the value I got from the first session, far exceeds the value I got from the numerous presentation skills courses I went to in the past.

    • Interactive … anyone who knows Chuck will realize that his sessions are interactive. Completing any slide or trail of through is a challenge, because Chuck will interrupt if there is something he dislikes, likes or would like you to improve. For the process driven checkbox tickers, like I, who battle to run several parallel threads, this may seem a bit intimidating, but it works! 
    • Informal … unlike all other presentation skills courses which were very formal, with cameras staring at you and attendees neatly lined up, Chuck’s session is very informal. We walk into a room and make it work for us … this is more realistic and takes a huge pressure load and “Angst” of your shoulders! There is none of the “you” present and “we” critique … it feels more like let’s present something as a group and improve as one. Chuck’s Assimilation formula? 
    • Fun … anecdotes, jokes … Chuck ensures that the session and the presenters are “fun” … making the scary topic of presentations a near-bearable one 🙂 
  • Invaluable … What more can I say? Within the 55 minutes I had fun, I learnt a lot and I am actively thinking of how to improve my next session … the proof that the first session was truly invaluable, a “gem”, a “nugget” … an event you should not miss again!

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