Building a Pilot House for a Pursuit 2350

While finishing the 28th Tiara rebuild, the fuel tank in my “fishing” boat failed putting it out of commission.  In addition to the failed fuel tank I had cracked the acrylic make shift windscreen i heat formed to to fit the frame, the side canvas has failed and the in-deck live well needed to be removed as it would flood, served no useful purpose and added a lot of weight to the boat.  Here is the progress on the Pilot house…with goal to replace the worn out canvas, replace the cracked/make shift acrylic wind screen and radically improve visibility(The original windshield’s top frame was literally right at line of sight).

Here is the current windshield and cracked acrylic top.


Here is the stock side window (Canvas already tossed) 20181222_122505

Step 1.

The first step was to get out some large pieces of card board and trace out the panels



Based on the card board cut outs i would need a sheet of 6mm hydrotek and two sheets of 3/4″ marine plywood, two gallons of West Systems of Epoxy and some fiberglass cloth…In this picture I also have some honeycomb and a coosa panel…not in the image is the 4 tubes of automotive windshield adhesive that will hold in the the acrylic panels.


Despite cracking the last acrylic wind screen i went back to acrylic…the reasons being:

  1. Acrylic is actually optically clearer than glass (Also what the new mega yachts are using)
  2. No 3 week wait time/ TAP plastic was open when i wanted to do the work
  3.  In terms of strength: The acrylic panel i broke had no frame, was quite thin and still put up with an amazing amount of abuse ( to break it i had smash through a wave and smash into it with my head…and even then it only cracked where i had drilled holes through it to mount it…these new panels are twice as thick!)
  4. Cost was a push…The scratch resistant acrylic and tempered safety glass was actually the same cost.
  5.   I didn’t go with Polycarbonate as it discolor, will yellow in sunlight, salt will scratch it and it flexes so much as to make it very difficult to seal.

Step 2.

Second step was to cut the 6mm to fit around the acrylic panels and the 3/4″ playwood ~3/4″ of an inch smaller than the panels to create a pocket…like a car.  Then laminating the 6mm and the 3/4 plywood and covering it all with Epoxy and cloth.   So while I may have started with a lot of plywood most of that wood is still in my garage!


The side windows i mounted the panels in before installing and only removed the protective film from the areas i was putting adhesive.


As of today I am about 80% finished glassing it all in and waiting for the epoxy to cure.

I will be running AFI 1.5 wiper motors I will be using with 21″ blades and 20″ pantograph wiper arms.

So my rough costs so far are:

  • Plywood $250
  • Epoxy  $200
  • Acrylic panels and cutting $600 (only fronts are scratch resistant)
  • Windshield adhesive $50
  • Fiberglass Cloth …already had
  • Fumed Silica $30
  • Wiper motors $250
  • Wiper Arms $120
  • White 5200 to seal the top to the sides (Bottom is epoxied on) $30
  • Washer Pump $10

So around $1500



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