Power Apps Training FAQ (For Power Virtual Agents)

Table of Contents:


Where can I find Hands-on Labs?

For Power Apps we have: App in a Day. If you prefer a video of this you can find it here: App in a Day -Virtual edition. For Power Automate you there is Flow in a Day. For Power Administrators we have PowerApps Admin in a Day lab. If you wanted to integrate AI there is AI Builder In a Day, Object Detection with AI Builder, AI Builder Forms Processing. Additionally we have App in an hour and App in two hours. In the process in we have Integrating Application Insights with Power Apps (NEW) and Power Platform Tour in a Day (NEW /Rough Draft)


Where can I find Step-by-Step Guides?

You can find step by step guides here:

Where can I find Videos?



Where can I find Samples?

Microsoft Learning Paths?

In addition to the amazing community content, Microsoft has also created a set of learning paths to help you get up to speed with PowerApps and the rest of the Power Platform.  You can see the entire list of PowerApps learning content here and included below:

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