Presentation skills Brown Bag in a virtual world

Pre-Covid I regularly held presentation skills brown bags

In those brown bags I had the attendees do different activities to help improve their presentation skills…but most of those assumed a physical interaction.

Last week I was asked to redeliver one of my brown bags…but in a VIRTUAL SETTING???!

Begging the question what the heck activities do I have them do to optimize for a virtual experience?

Looking at my last blog post on this topic let’s see if I could translate these to activities to a set of virtual activities….

Here is my first run at those activities!

  • Share the stage
    • Bring a friend!
    • Today
      • “Um master”
      • “Time master”

  • Be the story
    • Blur Background
    • Stock Background

  • Engage your audience
    • Physical Activity > Now becomes Camera Framing
    • Eye Contact Activity would use erasers in the room > Post its behind the screen

  • LOUDER equals better
    • Mute your audience

  • Emphasize appropriately
    • Voting


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