Getting Started with Power Apps from Bare Metal

In the case of wanting to learn Power Apps or teach a class on Power Apps it is very likely you will need a clean environment in which to start.

This document will walk through a solution for creating a new trial Microsoft Office tenant, starting a Power Apps trial and creating a Trial environment for you to either go through training content self paced or deliver that content.


  1. To get started with most Power Apps training you will need an organizational ID and a Tenant that will allow you to create an environment. One of the easiest ways to get a new Organizational ID and Tenant you have permissions to is create an Office Developer Tenant. To this Navigate to: and click JOIN NOW

  1. Fill out the requested information about yourself

  1. Fill out the requested information about your interests

  1. Close the Introduction Dialog

  1. Now that you have a Developer Account we can create an Office trial Tenant…with full E5 services!

  1. Fill out the information about yourself. Note this information is used to create the Tenant and information you will be using regularly.

  1. The activation requires an MFA handshake…supply this information for your own phone.

  1. TADA You know have an E5 Office Tenant for 90 days!

  1. Inside this same browser session Navigate to and select “Try Free”. Either from the middle of the page or the menu at the top right.


  1. Login using the credentials you supplied in step 6 above.


  1. Supply Geography information for the Power Apps trial

  1. Accept the introduction dialog.



  1. At this point you are now ready for any of the self-paced training found at:


Note: While this Tenant came with 25 users this tenant did not come with any Common Data Service capacity. So while the first user will be able to create a trial environment, additional users will need to use that same environment.



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