Enjoy a tropical vacation at Paradise Blue

Situated along the continental US’s only tropical reef at Little Torch Key, Paradise Blue is a diver or fisherman’s dream vacation location.

For scuba divers Paradise blue is located near Looe Key Florida Marine sanctuary

Paradise Blue Features:





Florida Keys holds more fishing world records than any other location and fishing from Paradise Blue it is easy to see why.

Winter is an inshore fisherman’s dream with Speckled Trout, Mackerel Kingfish and grouper in the inshore reefs’s,

Spring is the beginning of the Tarpon and Permit seasons with the offshore Black Fin Tuna very willing to visit

Summer is when the offshore game fish and Flats for Bonefish and Tarpon really light up!

All year Yellow Fin, Mutton and Mangrove snapper await your angling pleasure!


Scuba Diving

Looe Key is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It lies to the south of Little Torch and Big Pine Key. This reef is within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA). Part of Looe Key is designated as “Research Only,” an area which protects some of the patch reefs landward of the main reef.











The reef is named after HMS Looe, which ran aground on the reef and sank in 1744.

Elk Horn Coral at Looe Key

Sun Bathing

Paradise Blue offers its residents a private pool, hot tub and sun bathing station on the canal for any sun worshipper looking to achieve a golden hue!


Paradise Blue boast a tiki bar, cards, board games, Kayak, Stand up Paddle Board, barbecue, a covered sitting lounge, a large screened porch, a large screen TV, Xbox One S with over 50 games, an ice maker capable of making 100 lbs of ice per day residents should never want for things to do.


Nearby Amenities

With three bars, several restaurants, two tackle shops and a large grocery store with in 5 miles convinces are never far away.


Little Torch Key is an island in the lower Florida Keys.

Situated along U.S. Route 1 (also known as the Overseas Highway), crosses the key at about mile markers 28—29. It is immediately preceded to the northeast by Big Pine Key, and is followed by Middle Torch Key to the southwest.[3]

A small island 24 miles (39 km) from Key West, Little Torch Key is home primarily to locals, living and working from Big Pine Key to Key West. The island is also host to visitors who don’t mind a commute to the popular destination of Key West. There are a few, but not many businesses on the island, including restaurants and lodging.

Like all of the keys in the Torch Keys, this key was probably named for the native torchwood tree, Amyris elemifera L. The north end of the key is the site of a former settlement which was abandoned in 1938 when the highway was relocated.

Its most likely claim to fame is as a relatively frequent fishing destination for U.S. President Harry S. Truman. A Reuters story on February 14, 2009, named a resort there as one of the “Top 10 most romantic retreats”.


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