Vancouver User Group July 22nd Data Flows and a sneak peak at new commanding v2 for model driven Power Apps by Olena Grischenko and Scott Durow


Data Flows in Power Apps by Olena Grischenko  (30 minutes)

No-code integration what? No-code data migration why? There are things that aren’t easy to un-learn in the development world. System integration and data migration are two of the most difficult parts of any business application projects. Can we solve it with No-code? Yes, we can, it a very easy and cost-effective way. You could ask Why? Why do we need new tools in the space where we solve problems in the same common way for many years? This talk is useful for developers as well as for people who don’t use code. Learn about new possibilities of Power Platform which nobody talks about even though they do exist. Learn about simple and not so simple transformations from CSV, text files, SQL to Dataverse. Become a new Power Platform data integration superhero!


Sneak Peak at Commanding for model driven Power Apps by Scott Durow (30 minutes)

Changing the commanding in model based Power Apps has traditionally been reserved for code based solutions, in this session Power Platform MVP and User Group Leader will show us a sneak peak as to how this going to be much easier in the near future.  (sorry this portion is currently not planned to be recorded nor posted due to its unreleased nature)



Olena Grischenko


Technomancy – make systems work like magic: #PowerLabs – start with Microsoft technologies!



Scott Durow


Hi, I’m Scott and I am truly passionate about helping people get the most out of the Microsoft Power Platform


Scott is a committed and personable software architect/technologist with a successful track record for realising business vision through enterprise/application architectures that are tightly aligned with budget and time scales. By combining his detailed technical knowledge with a clear grasp of the wider commercial issues Scott is able to identify and implement practical solutions to real business problems. Scott is also an excellent communicator and technical author.

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